Next event – Championship Round 1

Next event: Championship Round 1 at Alvie Estate – Sunday 6/03/2022


Anyone wishing to observe on bike or foot, fill in this form please:

OBSERVERS FORM – Round 1 – 6 March 2022

Championship Round 1 – Sunday 6th March 2022 at Alvie Estate, organised by Inverness Trials Club (AMCA Permit)



We will be using the 2021 championship riding numbers for 2022, here is a link to the list of championship numbers:

2022 Championship Riding Numbers

This is a club championship round of the 2022 championship. You can purchase a ‘season ticket’ for this year’s championship, so that you can pay up front, get a discount off the usual entry fee, and all you need is turn up and ride, as you have pre-entered all events and nominated your observing event so that you preserve your points.

Here is the Season Ticket: SEASON TICKET 2022

Season Fees: Adults: £80; Youths: £50, fee covers all championship rounds in 2022.

All riders, please note that all Club Trials start at 10.30 sharp, with signing on from 9.00 am to 10.15 am.

Entry Form: All riders not using the 2022 Season Ticket scheme must complete and sign an entry form, no Form = No Ride. It is advisable that you should pre-enter using the appropriate entry form listed for this event, otherwise you must enter on the day at the venue using your own mobile device and present proof of entry at signing on. Except for 2022 Season Ticket holders, payment is taken electronically at signing on at a club event.

Latecomers may not be able to enter as entries will be closed at 10.15 am. See Tariff page for entry fees.