Price List 2020:

Club & Open To Scotland Trials:

Adult Rider: £15

Youth Rider: £10

Club Membership Fees: Period: 1st August-December 14th 2020:

Adult Riding Member: £10

Youth Riding member: £5

Social Member: £5 (Non-riding)

Club Membership Fees: 2021

Adult Riding Member: £20.00

Youth Riding Member: £10.00

Social Member: £5.00 (Non-riding)

Honorary Life Member: No Fee.


Membership Fees: above are for the combined membership of Inverness & District MCC (affiliated to SACU) & Inverness Trials Club (affiliated to AMCA Events Ltd). Payment of the fee enrolls applicants to both clubs simultaneously unless the applicant only wishes to join one club, then the fee would apply to the one selected club. Both clubs are managed by Inverness & District Motor Cycle Club Ltd.

National Trials: These are shown on the respective entry form and regulations for individual events.

The IDMCC Price List (Tariff): membership fees are reviewed each year at the Annual General Meeting. The fee for club, open to Scotland and National trials is reviewed by the current IDMCC & ITC committees and altered accordingly.