Inverness Trials Club

Governed, controlled and managed by the Inverness & District Motor Cycle Club Ltd (a Scottish registered private limited liability company, limited by guarantee – SC294182), the INVERNESS TRIALS CLUB was formed on 3rd August 2020 and affiliated to AMCA Events Ltd (Amateur Motor Cycle Association) on 6th August 2020 (Affiliation number 61087) to organise and promote motorcycle trials in the Scottish Highlands.

Inverness Trials Club (ITC) is organised separately from the Inverness & District Motor Cycle Club (IDMCC) and has a separate constitution. At the moment it is managed by the same committee as IDMCC. It is an unincorporated association, financially controlled, data protected and governed by the Inverness & District Motor Cycle Club Ltd.

In most cases, unless a member has ‘opted out’ he/she will be enrolled with ITC when he/she joins the IDMCC at no extra charge. However members who opt out cannot take part in ITC events. We believe the subscription to both clubs present excellent value for money spent.

For details on AMCA event insurance – AMCA Info Page

Full details of the AMCA can be found on their website > HERE <

For ITC members wishing to apply for an AMCA competition licence, follow the licence link:

Licence Link

Parental Consent Letter: This is required when parents are not able to accompany a youth competitor at an event


Members of the Inverness Trials Club will be supplied with a copy of the club’s constitution on joining, download Constitution below: