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Privacy Policy & General Data Protection Regulations:

The Inverness & District Motor Cycle Club Ltd (IDMCC) collects data from members for the purpose of keeping a membership register in accordance with good practice. Details are stored on a computer system to allow the club to inform its members of events during the year. This information is stored securely and accurately and once the data is more than 18 months old, it is securely destroyed. Data is not kept longer than it is deemed necessary. Personal details are only used for communicating with members, statistical analysis and allocation of any duties required by being a member of the Inverness & District Motor Cycle Club, this is explained in our Data Protection Privacy Statement. The IDMCC do not record or store any subscription or entry fee payment details. Annually, the IDMCC Ltd are required to give a list of members and their postal codes only, to the Scottish Auto Cycle Union Ltd, the club’s sporting governing body. We may disclose your personal information to the extent that we are required to do so by law, in connection with any legal proceedings or prospective legal proceedings. We will not provide your information to third parties. Members have the right to request a copy of the data recorded about them for accuracy. Members may submit a complaint to the Information Commissioners Office if their information is inaccurate or used inappropriately.

  • The company’s data controllers are: Company & Membership Secretary: Mr. John Moffat; Chief Marshal: Mr. Thomas McBride (Director); Observer Co-ordinators: Mr. James Jenkins & Mr Nigel Robertson; Event/Competition Secretary: Mr. Stewart Anderson (Director); Company Chairman, Mr. Grant Coward (Director)
  • No other persons have any access to personal data held in electronic or written format by the Inverness & District Motor Cycle Club Ltd.

The following statements are how IDMCC Ltd collect and process data from membership applications:

IDMCC collect or process limited personal data.

IDMCC decide the purpose or outcome of the processing.

IDMCC decide what personal data should be collected.

IDMCC decide which individuals collected personal data.

The data subjects are our paid-up club members who pay a membership fee to join annually.

IDMCC make decisions about the members/individuals concerned as part of or as a result of the data processed.

IDMCC exercise professional judgement in the processing of the personal data.

IDMCC have a direct relationship with the data subjects, being members of our club.

We have complete autonomy as to how the personal data is processed.

Statement dated: 11th December 2019

Corporate Information:
Inverness & District Motor Cycle Club Limited.

Full Limited Company overview is available HERE

Current Directors: Grant Coward; Gordon Murray; Thomas McBride; Stewart Anderson

Company Secretary: John Moffat

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