About IDMCC Ltd

Welcome to the Inverness & District Motor Cycle Club Ltd website!

We have two separate trials clubs which are owned, controlled and managed by the Inverness & District Motor Cycle Club Ltd which is a limited company, registered in Scotland, limited by guarantee without share capital. For full details of the company, its officers and public details, please jump to the Corporate page HERE

The limited company owns all the fixed and current assets and equipment for trials is loaned out, at no cost, to either of these clubs, assets are managed and upkept by the company. The company does not own any land or buildings and has not entered into any leases.


The original motorcycle club, Inverness & District MCC (IDMCC) is affiliated to the SACU and has been since it was formed around 40 years ago and a new club was formed in August 2020, called Inverness Trials Club (ITC) which is affiliated to the AMCA – The North’s Two Foremost Trials Clubs.

The IDMCC promote the Paul Kilbauskas national trial annually and the Highland Classic Two Day Trial, both these events are permitted and insured by the SACU.

For more info on IDMCC: HERE

The ITC now promote the smaller, localised monthly club trials for their members, events which are permitted and insured by the AMCA. We found that this was the best method and gives exceptional value for money. It allows the company to keep the costs payable by members to a minimum. Both clubs are managed financially by the limited company and have their own committees to oversee the day to day running of events.

All financial transactions, governance, asset management and responsibility is undertaken by the limited company.

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Please read through the pages of our website to get basic information and details of our events throughout the year.

The top line menus have many ‘drop downs’ containing a lot of information about our two clubs.

Information – All riders, please note that ITC club trials start at 10.30 sharp, with signing on from 9.00 am
to 10.15 am. Latecomers may not be able to enter as entries will be closed at 10.15 am.