Inverness Trials Club – Alvie Trial

Sixty-three members of the Inverness Trials Club (AMCA) took part in a closed to club event on Alvie Estate on Sunday, 25th October 2020.

The riders and officials were joined by David Kinnear, the former Factor of Alvie Estate who was on hand to introduce Suzie Crerar, Alvie Estates’ Promotions and Events Manager to some of the Club officials. David and Suzie walked up the hill to have a look at some of the sections. Suzie is part of the management team at Alvie Estates and her visit was helpful, as she reports to the estate team on all the various activities on the estate which is all part of the diversification of the predominantly shooting estate.

Good weather prevailed and a great time was had by all the riders.

Seven new members to the club had also entered and seemed to be getting the hang of things.

AMCA Events Ltd provided the club with Covid-19 information signage and everyone observed social distancing at signing on and during the day. The event is the second club trial promoted by the Inverness Trials Club, part of Inverness & District Motor Cycle Club Limited.

Jimmy Jenkins was team leader of the course plotters for the event

Thanks go to Jimmy Jenkins and Nigel Robertson and team for setting out and Stewart Anderson, Event Secretary for safely signing in the riders and officials.

Photos courtesy of John Moffat, Club Secretary.

Suzie Crerar, (left) is the Promotions and Events Manager at Alvie Estate, seen here with David Kinnear, the retired factor of the Alvie Estate.