Club Trials 2022

Welcome to the new year and Team Inverness has 125 members enrolled already for the 2022 season!

Sample entry form, top half

As we try to improve the overall rider experience at the same time remaining compliant with all the various rules and regulations of the sport of trials, we have adjusted our online entry system for 2022 to make things run a bit smoother both for member and our Competition Secretary at our club trials.

Entry Forms: will be made available on this website, posted on the ‘Club Trials Online’ page at least one month before the event. It is a legal requirement that every rider completes an entry form before the event. Payment of the entry fee will be taken at ‘signing on’ in the morning of the event in all cases.

Pre-Entry: This is the preferred option. Get the formalities over with before you get to the event, enter early, no payment taken up front.

Entry on the Day: If you do not enter before the day of the event, i.e leaving things until the last minute, we will still allow riders to take part, provided they complete the online form at the event using their own electronic device. Once the entrant has received the acknowledgement of the entry form (which is automatically generated by the system) then payment is taken electronically at ‘signing on’.

The rule will be strictly applied: NO ENTRY FORM = NO RIDE!

There will be no exceptions to this, as every rider must have fully completed an entry form pre-event and signed the declaration, otherwise the club is not properly covered by the event insurance and the rider may be liable for third party claims, should they collide with a spectator or member of the public off road.

Declaration: All riders must sign the declaration and riders under the age of 18 must be countersigned by an adult (aged 18 years+).

We have made it very easy, the forms will be available well before the event, they are very simple and take about 5 minutes to complete.

Make things easier for the club, by entering before the day of the event please!

National Trials: These remain as before, you must pre-enter and pre-paid before the closing date started on the entry form and regulations. This applies to both the Paul Kilbauskas Memorial and Highland Classic Two Day Trials, run by Inverness & District MCC.