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SSDT 2022

Well done to all IDMCC members who finished the 2022 SSDT.

David Vass

John Mitchell

Steven Moffat

Daniel Lamont

Gordon Murray

Ross Murray

Stuart Crayk

Danny Sutherland

David Hollands

John Garth

Ricky Mair

Jordan Hayes (Best IDMCC member)

Comisserations to:

Barry Watson, Mattie Reffin & Gavin Johnston

IDMCC members who were 2022 SSDT Observers:

Jimmy Jenkins, Nigel Robertson, Colin Forbes, David Edes, Rick Lound & Ashleigh Davison and front marker official, Fraser Ross

13th Paul Kilbauskas Results

Here are the results for the 13th Paul Kilbauskas Memorial Trial organised by our club, Inverness & District MCC (SACU) and was the 4th round of the 2021 Scottish Trials Championships.

Many thanks to the owners of Alvie Estate for the venue and to all observers who staffed the event.

There were 105 starters and 93 finishers, who tackled a five mile lap, three times and tackled 15 observed sections per lap.

Highland Classic gets its own website

The Highland Classic Two-Day Trial, the flagship event of the Inverness & District Motor Cycle Club Ltd has now launched it’s own bespoke website.

This will enable the event to promote it’s identity and release valuable web-space on the IDMCC Ltd’s club website, to enable it to promote it’s ‘TEAM INVERNESS‘ brand which encompasses the Inverness & District and Inverness Trials Clubs.

The new website is live and already has attracted a lot of hits in its first day of operations.

The site contains a lot of useful information for the riders, observers and officials and will enable the use of online facilities without using up valuable club resources.

To access the new site, follow this link:

Highland Classic website:

Classic Trial Mag Results Service

Classic Trial Magazine who have been a Trial Partner of the Highland Classic Two-Day Trial for a number of years have agreed to support the 2021 event Results Service by supplying the club with computer equipment to allow Event Secretary, Mieke de Vos and Assistant Secretary, Geoff Davison get the results tabulated electronically at the event.

This year, we will not be using punch cards at the annual Highland Classic, but observer’s sheets to cut down on the handling element and still get results up on the master score sheets during the trial.

They will be using an Excel spreadsheet to input the scores from each section at the event which takes place at Alvie Estate on 12/13 June this year and the system has already been tested this week using computer equipment supplied by Classic Trial Magazine, using ‘dummy’ scores and it works really well.

Highland Classic Update 2021

Highland Classic 2021 – Fantic Edition – Update:

The Team Inverness committee met on Monday 25th January and on the agenda was the Highland Classic 2021.

At present we plan to run the trial on 12/13th June and we now have the FIME registration number via the ACU.

The committee decided to fix the date by which we would have to make a final decision as to whether or not to run the trial, the date chosen is Friday, April 30th which is 6 weeks prior to the event.

This should give enough notice for entrants to cancel any accommodation or travel arrangements.

At present we are currently exploring options with regard to catering on site and WC facilities for the event.

All this with regard to health, safety and welfare and of course Covid regulations.

For safety reasons, Punch cards will not be used this year, instead, each observer will use a observer’s sheet covering all 200 entrants. This limits the observer/rider contact and will reduce any queuing at sections considerably.

As a direct consequence, we may not have our usual awards ceremony or results available at the end of the trial, but we are looking into options at this time.

We may have to reduce the contents of entrants welcome packs this year as a higher percentage of the entry fee will be used to providing facilities this year, due in part to Covid-19.

All entrants who have secured an entry will continue to be updated by e-mail.

We are now inviting those who are willing to observe at this year’s Two-Day to make contact the club representatives, Jimmy Jenkins (07798904066) or Nigel Robertson (07743854206).

Highland Classic Entries

The entry facility for this years’ Highland Classic Two Day Trial – The FANTIC MOTOR Edition, opens on Saturday 1st February at 00:01.

The event has become very popular in the last seven years with over-subscription being a ‘byproduct’ of the event’s success. Entries are taken on a ‘first come, first entered’ basis. Only the Regulations and Entry Form are available as a PDF download from this website and the club’s facebook page. There is no online entry facility and no ballot of riders.

This year is expected to be no exception and the entry opening day is a Saturday sees many entrants choosing to either hand deliver or courier their entry form to the Entries Secretary, John Moffat.

Those who are intending entering should be prepared to ensure:

Complete the entry form fully and clearly, especially the e-mail address as the confirmation of entry will be sent to entrants by e-mail.

All mandatory fields in the entry form should be completed including the tee-shirt size.

Riders who are under 35 years of age as at 13th June 2020 must ensure they tick the appropriate route in the left hand side. Under 35 riders are restricted to A or B Route, Pre’65 or Twinshock only.

Remember to enclose the correct entry fee of £60 per rider. No internet banking payment facility is available. Only Cheques or Postal Orders are acceptable, do not pay by cash, even if the entry is hand delivered.

Entries are receipted in order of delivery which includes multiple entries in one envelope, the topmost form is first and so on.

Retain pages 1 & 2 of the regulations for information, Do not send pages 1 & 2 back with your official entry form!

If hand delivering your entry please be aware that this is to a private dwelling house, so be courteous to the neighbours if doing so in the early hours of the morning or late at night. Simply post the entry through the letterbox please.

No confirmation of entries will be made available at the delivery address.

Regulations and the Official Entry Form will be available:


Good Luck!

Highland Classic Entries 2020

The Regulations and Entry Form for the 2020 Highland Classic Two Day Trial – FANTIC MOTOR Edition will be available from midnight on 31st January on the Highland Classic page and on the IDMCC facebook page.

Entries will be limited to 160 Adult solo riders plus a finite number of Signature Riders, plus our Guest of Honour and any Special Guest riders. No mono-shock machines will be eligible to compete.

  1. Entries will open at Midnight on 31st January, so available from 00.01 on Saturday 1st February 2020.
  2. The Forms will be available as a download ‘pdf’ file on facebook and on the IDMCC website. Appropriate links will be posted on facebook.
  3. Entries are open to SACU, ACU & MCUI registration card and licence holders.
  4. Entries can be sent by Royal Mail, Commercial Courier and hand delivery only to the ‘Entry Secretary’ named on the Regulations.
  5. E-mail or electronic entries will not be accepted and are automatically voided and rejected.
  6. Please read the Regulations carefully and complete the entry form fully.
  7. Remember to enclose the entry fee of £60, payable to ‘Inverness & District Motor Cycle Club’ and remember to complete your tee-shirt size and e-mail address.
  8. ‘Signature Riders’ will complete the same form and will be selected shortly after the entries close, either when full or after Saturday 11th April. They will be advised of their status upgrade by e-mail.
  9. Entries will be confirmed by e-mail only.
  10. Cheques and Postal Orders will be banked within 3 days of the entries closing.

HC2DT 2020 – Information on Entries

Highland Classic Two Day Trial 2020 – The Fantic Edition: ~

Entries will open on Saturday 1st February 2020 and are limited to 160 entrants. Entry Form and Regulations will be available as a pdf download from the IDMCC website on the Highland Classic page and on facebook.

Since 2014 we have usually been oversubscribed and we run the entry system on a First Come, First Entered basis, no ballot.

We also have a reserve entry list made up of those entries recieved when the allocation has been filled and we find that between 10-15% usually drop their entry before the event due to circumstances outwith the entrants control.

There will be a box in the entry form to tick to let us know that an entrant wishes to be on the reserve list if their entry  has been received after the allocation is full.

12th Paul Kilbauskas Memorial Trial

The entry form for the Paul Kilbauskas Memorial Trial at Alvie Estate on Sunday, 8th September 2019 is now available.

Paul Kilbauskas Memorial Trial Regs Entry Form – 2019

Provisional Entry list at 31.08/2019

Murdo MacPhail
Vicki Anderson
Graeme Whittaker
Rory Forsyth
James Wilson
Oliver Wilson
Alfie Wright
Alick Murray
Gillie Murray
Iain Duffus
David P Edes
David G Edes
Brogan Bursill
Charlie MacDonald
Ross MacDonald
Ricky Mair
Billy Mair
Trevor Gibb
Aaron Hain
Mark Gorrie
Shaun Knox
Mark MacMillan
Ruari Younie
Grant Younie
Billy Matthews
Allan Leslie
Keith Leslie
Steven Moffat
Neil Dawson
Joe Dawson
Paul Paterson Snr
Paul Paterson Jnr
Andrew McDonald
Euan Sim
Sean Clark
Brian Morrison
Roger Summers
Allan Mercer
Malcolm Summers
Grant Reid
David McPherson
John Garth
John Garth Jnr
Chloe MacKay
Callum MacKay
Danny Sutherland
Howard Berriman
Allan-Iain MacMaster
Gary MacLennan
Neil Wilson
Chris Douglas
Jamie MacKay
Ian Thomson
Andrew Anderson
Ben Dignan
Derek Ramsay
Ross Galloway
Jamie Galloway
David Hollands
Jeremy Whittet
Hayley Ross
Robbie Ross
Harrie Reid
Charlie Reid
Joe Drysdale
Scott Chisholm
Graeme Wilson
Stuart Gairns
Myrn Reynolds