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IDMCC Ltd Website is back

Unfortunately, due to an oversight and confusion, this website was offline recently, fortunately only for 24 hours.

The company have taken steps to secure this website to avoid this happening in the future and apologise for any inconvenience, howsoever caused.

Happily, matters have been resolved and we are back online!

Membership Update

IDMCC Ltd – Membership Update 29/01/2021:

The club memberships for Team Inverness (IDMCC & ITC) have now reached 125 members for the current year!

We have just e-mailed all those who were members in 2020, reminding them that their memberships have lapsed and if they wish to enter any events this year, then they must re-join the club.

Many thanks to those who have already renewed their memberships – remember Team Inverness offers exceptionally good value for money as you are in effect a member of two clubs for the price of one!

We are sorry that the club had to cancel our January club trial and postpone the February event due to Covid travel restrictions, but we must maintain a safety first attitude, to protect our members, protect our landowners and ultimately protect the community.

If you have still to renew your membership, do so without delay, its so quick and easy by using our new online application and payment system:

Trial Update – January 2021

Welcome to the 2021 season!

We still have the global pandemic with us, which has curtailed our plans somewhat, but rest assured that the committee have already met this month (January 11th) to discuss the way forward.

We have already seen the Scottish Six Days and Loch Lomond Two Day events being cancelled, so multiple day events don’t look likely until 2022. Our Highland Classic Two-Day in June will be reviewed in March, we have nearly 200 entries for this prestigeous event at Alvie Estate.

The committee and directors are fully aware that our members are keen to get back out on their machines at an event, however the situation in Scotland is still serious and the long awaited vaccine is only now beginning to be administered to the public in a controlled manner.

Already we have had to unfortunately cancel the club trial planned for the 17th of January at Fairburn. This decision was taken, not because we did not have a permit or insurance, but because we were conscious of the potential risk to our members, the landowners and anyone who might have exercised their right to roam across the land that we planned to use. The instructions taken from the Scottish Government website did not indicate that we could not run an event, but the decision was taken by the committee taking into account all the factors and information available to us. We feel that the correct action to cancel was the right one to adopt at this time.

We have a no spectator, no catering policy at the moment, but that doesn’t stop people from passing by when the event is taking place.

In short, we have tried our best to put on events for our members, but we are curtailed by a variety of factors, which includes the Scottish Government directives on Covid.

Our next event is planned for 21st February at Cannich organised by Inverness Trials Club (AMCA), dependent on permit availability. Having said that, we may have to cancel/postpone at very short notice.

Our new ‘online entry system’ is working really well and early reports indicate that members prefer this method than trying to send by e-mail. We will be using the pre-entry system for all club and open to centre trials going forward. It helps the club plan for an event and allows us to communicate with everyone intending to take part quickly and efficiently.

Coupled with the entry fee ‘SumUp contactless payment system’, we are bang up to date with technology for both our clubs.

So, in short, the club is attempting to be more active this year, but members will have to bear with us and the level of expectation needs to be controlled.

We all want to be able to ride our bikes, but the welfare of our members and the wider community has to be top priority during difficult times.

IDMCC Ltd AGM 2020

As members are already aware, large indoor gatherings are not permitted during this Covid pandemic and we are unable to hold the company Annual General Meeting in December as we have done for many years.

However, we have provisionally booked the Fairways Leisure function suite for Monday, 5th April 2021 to hold our AGM at 8pm. Please put a note of this date in your diary.

By law, we must hold the AGM of the company no later than 18 months following the previous AGM, so we have until May next year to achieve this.

Hopefully the pandemic will be under more control by April, but we will keep you all posted as the months roll by.

In the meantime, the committee will be co-opting a couple of members who will serve on the committee until the AGM when they will be eligible to stand for election.

A reminder that the club memberships expire on 14th December this year and the membership fees are being held for 2021. Adult Riding members: £20; Youth riding members: £10 and social non-riding members £5.

2020 Memberships reopen

Following our committee meeting (virtually) on Monday 24th August, it was decided to re-open our membership register to new and renewing members for the second half of the year.

This will include the new Inverness Trials Club (affiliated to AMCA Events Ltd) and Inverness & District MCC (affiliated to SACU Ltd) so you now get membership of two clubs simultaneously for the same price!

We think this is exceptional value for money for our members.

Our H2 membership tariff for IDMCC & ITC is now:

Adult Riding Members: £10.00 until December 2020

Youth Riding Members and Social Members: £5.00 until December 2020.

As a result of Covid-19, we are no longer able to provide ‘one event licences’, so you should apply for competition licences from the SACU (£12 Registration Card) and if you wish the AMCA (£20 full licence). This can be done when your membership is approved and confirmed.

You can download the membership form, fill it in and submit with payment to the IDMCC LTD Company Secretary:

Membership Form

For full details on both clubs go to the Clubs pages:

Inverness & District MCC

Inverness Trials Club

Most importantly, enjoy the outdoors, enjoy the sport and help your club whenever you can!

Club Update – August 2020

As of 1st August 2020, following a concentrated approach, we have been unable to secure permission from Police Scotland, the Highland Council and NHS Highland to satisfy the requirements of the Scottish ACU, to allow the club to apply for permits to allow recommencement of promoting trials events, albeit on a small, restricted scale.

The committee, like our members, feel a sense of frustration at this time, as we have already secured the express permission of our landowners to safely recommence trials with the necessary social distancing and precautions to twart the spread of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) by introducing spaced parking, staggered starts and the usual PPE and hand sanitising methods etc.

In light of the hurdles the committee are facing currently, we are now actively discussing alternatives that are open to the club committee and we will be informing members of our decision, backed by the directors of the company that operates the club, in due course.

Rest assured, the club committee are committed to recommence our sport, sooner rather than later.

Our decisions will be based on giving our members what they want, to ride their bikes in our events, fully insured, to protect our very supportive landowners and keep them suitably indemnified so that we may continue to promote events, in a safe manner, as we have done for over 35 years.

The club committee will be meeting virtually on Monday, 3rd August 2020 at 8pm to discuss these alternatives, and will be reporting to every member whom we hold e-mail addresses for during the week commencing 3rd August.

Statement issued on behalf of Inverness & District Motor Cycle Club Ltd directors on Saturday 1st August, 2020.

The Inverness & District Motor Cycle Club is a trading style of Inverness & District Motor Cycle Club Ltd, a company limited by guarantee, registered in Scotland – SC294182.

Return to Club Events

The Scottish ACU, has been working with SportScotland to arrange a return to sporting events and practice for trials.

In 10th July 2020 the SACU issued a statement detailing a return to motorcycle organised and insured events durinbg the second half of 2020 following the Covid-19 pandemic.

A copy of the statement has been sent by e-mail to all paid up 2020 club members.

Please note that the trials we will be organising for the forseeable future will be Closed To Club members only, not national or restricted type events and not Open To Scotland.

The numbers allowed at events will be restricted by location and facilities and payment for entry fees will be taken in a contactless debit or credit card payment when arriving at the venue.


May 2020:

Due to the worldwide pandemic caused by Covid-19, the Inverness & District Motor Cycle Club Ltd has suspended all events, activities and meetings until further notice.

Please also note that the SACU offices are also closed at this time. All motorcycle events are suspended until at least 31st May 2020 or further notice.

Notification of start-up will be given on this website, the club official facebook page and e-mails to current club members for the 2020 season.

SportsInsure launch insurance portal

The Scottish ACU arranges event insurance through SportsInsure, an Aon company who specialise in motorsport insurance cover.

Inverness & District are a responsible club who promote motorcycle trials events in as safe a manner as is possible. However we cannot do this without the backing of insurance cover.

SportsInsure have just launched an online portal where you can gain important information about the cover that is afforded at any trials event that IDMCC organise and promote.

Have a look at the new portal, it has your interest at heart as well as our landowners, committee and directors.