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Latest News!

30/08/2018 – Changes to venues for the remainder of our club calendar have been announced:

The championship round due for the 9th of September will now be at Cannich.

The Final championship round  will now be held at Ballindalloch on November 18.


The IDMCC Ltd, held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Fairways Leisure,
Inverness on Tuesday, 5th December at 20.00 hours.

The AGM attracted a lowly 10% turnout of members; here is a resume of the main points discussed.

Chairman Malcolm Smith welcomed everyone and thanked all those members who had worked for the club during the season, which was much appreciated. He mentioned Tom McBride, Garry Coward, Rick Lound and Leigh Bremner in despatches. Life members, Malcolm Smith, Peter Bremner and Dave MacKay were noted as being present. 

The club had a successful year both financially and promotion of events. This
was covered in Secretary/Treasurer, John Moffat’s report on the club which is a limited company, limited by guarantee. The club had made a profit after payment of all expenses and depreciation of £817 which is a healthy surplus, of which 20% would be paid in Corporation Tax to the HMRC next year.

The Highland Classic created a surplus of £714 on its own as it is the largest
event the club promotes and has established itself as our ‘flagship’ event with
150 competitors from as far afield as France and Spain.
Moffat continued, stating that the club members should take pride in what it achieves. We have fantastic events including both the Highland Classic, Paul Kilbauskas nationals and the Durness 2 Day club event. We have not only made asurplus from our activities, but can also boast over 200 members for 2017. We cater for a variety of classes during the year. Few trials clubs in Scotland have achieved such growth and that we are probably the most successful trials club in Scotland for our size and range of activities undertaken. We have the ‘Introduction to Trials’ event in December which usually generates more members into the club and into the sport and that is what we are tasked to do – promote the sport.

The office bearers and committee was then discussed and, at this juncture,
Malcolm Smith announced his retirement as Club Chairman, a position he has held for over 30 years.
John Moffat asked that he make the proposal of a new honorary position, that of ‘Club President’ which was seconded. This met with applause when it was suggested that Malcolm Smith be voted in as the very first Club President in the club’s 40+ year history. Mr. Smith accepted the position which is one of a ‘figure head’ for our organisation. 

The new committee was voted in and as Alex Carmichael had intimated at an
earlier meeting that he too would stand down as Vice President at the AGM and wasn’t seeking election to the committee. 

The new committee and office bearers are as follows:

Malcolm Smith


Grant Coward (Director)

Vice Chairman:

Gordon Murray (Director)


John Moffat (Company Secretary)

Event Secretary:

Stewart Anderson

Alick Murray; Callum Sim; Leigh Bremner; David MacLean; Dave MacKay (Director);Tom McBride (Director); Garry Coward; Rick Lound.

 At this point, Grant Coward assumed his responsibilities as Club Chairman. 

Dave MacKay, former Secretary and current Director, was invited by the secretary to present Malcolm with an inscribed silver hip flask to commemorate the years of service to the club on behalf of the members.

 Other matters discussed were the membership subscriptions, which stand at
£15.00 for a riding member, £5.00 for a youth and £5.00 for a ‘social or
non-riding adult member’. 

Trial entry fees for club permitted events remain as £15.00 adult and £5.00
youth, with the start time remaining at 10.30 sharp with signing on from 9.00 am to 10.15 am. 
Garry Coward announced that the landowners had agreed that the ‘Introduction to Trials’ day would be held at Tain on Sunday, 31st December and the Secretary confirmed that we already held a suitable permit for the practice day.  After some additional discussion, the Chairman declared the meeting closed and that a club dates meeting would be intimated to Committee members shortly.