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2020 Events Calendar

Current members will be informed by e-mail if any
dates/venues are changed

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the Lockdown arrangements, the club’s activities have been curtailed, limited entry numbers, pre-entry only and the calendar revised accordingly:

Month                 Date                  Venue              Type/Name

August                16                        Cannich           Club Trial           

September         6                          Alvie Estate     Club Trial

September        13                      Dochgarroch/Stratherrick         Road Run/Social – T.A. Moffat Run

September         20                     Tomchrasky       Club Trial         

October              4                          Cannich             Club Trial     

October              25                        Alvie Estate         Club Trial       

November            22                     Cannich                Club Trial          

(December          7                          Fairways)             Annual General Meeting postponed until Spring 2021.

E-Mail wording for e-mail entries to Closed to Club events July-December 2020:

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