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Club Championship 2021 – Round 4

NumberNameRouteClassTotal Position Points
22Daniel T.LamontRedN/Exp A 26110
25StevenMoffatRedN/Exp A 3128
11DavidHollandsRedN/Exp A 5236
67GordonMurray (NC)RedN/Exp A 7445
21JohnGarth SnrBlueMasters2128
28StevenJamiesonGreenN/Exp B23110
98JamieAnderson GreenNov B3110
35BaileyDackerGreenNov B 528
71Gavin MilneGreenNov B 1536
53RowenAndersonGreenNov B OBS
29JakeLoganGreenNov B OBS
51NickyBuickGreenO/409 – (23 Cleans) 110
27NeilMacdonaldGreenO/409 – (22 Cleans)28
100Jimmy Jenkins GreenO/506 – (25 Cleans)110
5BillyMatthewsGreenO/506 – (24 Cleans) 28
99Nigel RobertsonGreenO/501036
32Alick MurrayGreenPre 6511110
23JohnGarth JnrBlueYouth A30110
7SeumasLastGreenYouth B 7110
33GillieMurrayGreenYouth B 2128
97AndrewBurt YellowNov C26110
39Oliver WilsonAElectric D 35110
41Robbie RossAElectric D 9128
2Billy Mair AElectric D11236
18David GEdesElectric D93110

Club Championship 2021

In the hope of the sport being kickstarted back to life next month (April) the IDMCC Ltd committee have decided to do things a little differently this year when it comes to the Club Championship, which didn’t happen in 2020 due to Covid.

Firstly, all club trials will now be ‘pre-entry’ by online form, there is a specific webpage for this – HERE – and it’s quite simple to use, many have already used our pre-entry system already. Don’t just turn up and ask for an entry on the day, you will probably be handed an Observer’s sheet instead. No pre-entry – No ride!

Secondly, we have suspended the use of punch cards in favour of observer’s sheets for 2021 at Club Championship rounds and our national trials.

Thirdly, we have decided that only sections at a club championship trial which has an observer marking scores, will count to the overall score on the day and thus will determine who scores championship points in their respective class. An observer may be asked to score at a suitable ‘double’ section where it is possible to do so.

The more observers that are available, the more likely of having a fair trial!

Last but not least, we will be issuing our club competitors with re-useable plastic riding numbers, which you will keep for the 2021 season. You will keep the same number throughout the season. Keep your number plate safe as replacement plates will be chargeable! These numbers are currently being allocated in advance of Round 1, when your entry is received, you can view the numbers – HERE.

So, the 2021 IDMCC Ltd Championship begins on Sunday 11th April at Cannich – ENTER HERE.

Back to Club Trials

The committee have decided to abandon punch cards for the forseeable future due to Covid precautions.

We have gone ahead and purchased observer’s sheets from our usual supplier of marking equipment and these cover up to 100 riders over a maximum of five laps.

Printed on waterproof paper, they can be scored with a pen or pencil and are handed back at the end of the trial by the observer.

The Club Championship will be run over 4 rounds with observed sections only counting towards the results.

To overcome the age old problem of not having enough observers, sections that are not staffed with an observer will not count towards the trials scoring.

This way we can cover the events with the observers available. Remember you should offer to observe at one round during the series, the more observers we can muster, the more sections will count in every event towards the overall championship.



The popular INTRO2TRIALS day will be held once again at Tain on Sunday, 27th December 2020

Put a note in your diary now.

This event is in association with Trials Dealer, Highland Leisure Sport of Invergordon and is a day to try your hand at trials in a safe, insured environment.

The sections are usually quite easy for beginners and a number of our club trainers will be on hand for helpful advice during the day.

The only stipulation is that you must be a member of the club. This event is promoted by Inverness Trials Club on behalf of Inverness & District Motor Cycle Club Ltd and run under an AMCA Trials permit.

The entry fee for the event is:

Existing IDMCC/ITC Members: £20.00

New Members who join on the day: £20.00

Proceeds will be donated to a local charity after the event is run and the insurance premiums paid to AMCA.

Entry must be made before 5pm on Friday, 25th December by e-mail to the Company Secretary on using the downloadable entry form:

Inverness Trials Club – Alvie Trial

Sixty-three members of the Inverness Trials Club (AMCA) took part in a closed to club event on Alvie Estate on Sunday, 25th October 2020.

The riders and officials were joined by David Kinnear, the former Factor of Alvie Estate who was on hand to introduce Suzie Crerar, Alvie Estates’ Promotions and Events Manager to some of the Club officials. David and Suzie walked up the hill to have a look at some of the sections. Suzie is part of the management team at Alvie Estates and her visit was helpful, as she reports to the estate team on all the various activities on the estate which is all part of the diversification of the predominantly shooting estate.

Good weather prevailed and a great time was had by all the riders.

Seven new members to the club had also entered and seemed to be getting the hang of things.

AMCA Events Ltd provided the club with Covid-19 information signage and everyone observed social distancing at signing on and during the day. The event is the second club trial promoted by the Inverness Trials Club, part of Inverness & District Motor Cycle Club Limited.

Jimmy Jenkins was team leader of the course plotters for the event

Thanks go to Jimmy Jenkins and Nigel Robertson and team for setting out and Stewart Anderson, Event Secretary for safely signing in the riders and officials.

Photos courtesy of John Moffat, Club Secretary.

Suzie Crerar, (left) is the Promotions and Events Manager at Alvie Estate, seen here with David Kinnear, the retired factor of the Alvie Estate.


Alvie is all go

Inverness Trials Club (affiliated to AMCA) has made arrangements to promote a closed to club trial at the popular Alvie Estate on Sunday 25th October, 2020.

The club’s first event at Cannich earlier this month was a great success and it was decided to have a day at Alvie to vary the terrain for our members.

At present, we are currently accepting new club members but restricting it to the Inverness and Highland postal code area due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

All events are properly Insured, Risk Assessed and fully permitted by the governing body. The event has the support and permission of Alvie Estates Ltd and their representative will be on hand during the event, but keeping a safe distance, being the landowners.

Jimmy Jenkins takes the helm of the marking out team for this event.

Entry fee is payable on the day through our cashles contactless card system, by debit or credit card, £15 for Adults and £10 for Youth riders

The event is by pre-entry to the Company Secretary by e-mail: on the appropriate e-mail generic proforma which was sent by e-mail to all bona fide club members.

Entries close on Friday 23rd October 2020 at 5pm.

We are back!

We are back on Sunday, 16th August 2020 at Cannich, Strathglass with 40 riders plus officials for a club only trial. Please see event location on this website under ‘Trial Venues’.

As agreed by the committee only 2020 season paid-up members holding a Trials Card have had their entries accepted.

Any member who has not applied for an SACU Trials Card yet should get in touch with the Club Secretary to obtain a form. We are no longer issuing one event licences at events. You must pre-enter and cannot enter on the day. This event is promoted by Inverness & District MCC under an SACU permit.

At present, we are not taking on any new members for either of our clubs, IDMCC or ITC.

The committee have decided to restrict the type of event to ‘Closed to Club’ until at least the end of 2020. We will not be organising Open To Scotland or National type events in 2020.

Please be aware that Covid-19 precautions will be in operation before, during and after the event and any entrant who feels unwell should not come to the trial but stay at home.

Please follow the instructions and any signing strictly and adhere to what you are told and directed upon arrival.

Entry fees will be collected electronically using debit/credit card.

Please park as instructed, leaving a gap of 4 meters between vehicles (approximately a passenger car length).

Do not ride your machines around the paddock area and follow route marking. Keep a distance from other groups during the event.

Social distancing is a priority at all times and take your own face masks and gloves with you. Store all your own rubbish in a black bag inside your vehicle and take it home and put in your own refuse bins.

Stay Safe, Stay Alert, Keep our club Covid free!

Fairburn Trial Results

Results from cards handed in at the finish at our Fairburn OTS event on Sunday 19 February 2020

Matty ReffinMasters25
Brian BellMasters40
David PEdesNov B 24
SammyRobertsonNov C 61
Neil CampbellNov C 63
David GEdesElec D 14
BillyMairElec D 33