Round 4 – Tomchrasky

(October 28th)

Results for the Round 4 of the IDMCC Club Championship 2018:

                Name                                    Class                 Route              Score

                Jordan Hays                        N/Exp              Red                  41

                Chips                                     Masters            Blue                 25

                Mike Durdle                       Masters           Blue                 31

                Ricky Mair                           Masters           Blue                 39

                Danny Sutherland            Masters          Blue                46

                Fergus Lamb                      Masters             Blue               52

                David Vass                          Masters             Blue               95

                Gavin MacLean              Masters               Blue               97

                Gavin Miline                       N/Exp B             Green          50

                Steven Jamison              N/Exp B                Green          55

                David MacLean               O/40                      Green            4

                James McDougall             O/40                      Green       13

                Nigel Robertson               O/50                      Green        37

                Stewart Anderson           O/50                      Green        70

                Alex Murray                       Nov B                    Green           29

                Darren Kennedy               Nov B                    Green         31

                Owen Macleod                 Nov B                    Green           37

                Ewan White                        Nov C                    Yellow         35

                Callum Ross                        Nov C                    Yellow   retired

                Angus Mackay                   Nov C                    Yellow   retired

                Rowen Anderson             Youth A/B           Green        33

                Lee Ross                              Youth A/B           Green          71

                Mac Alan                             Youth B                 Green         36

                Fraser McDougall             Youth B                Green       60

                Gillie Murray                      Youth C                 Yellow       28

                Archie Bremner               Electric D              Red               9

                Robbie Bremnar               Electric D              Red           45

                Robbie Ross                          Electric D            Yellow     30

                Findlay Lound                       Electric D           Yellow     33

                Hayley Ross                           Electric D            Yellow   50

                David Eddes                           Electric D            Yellow   51

                Grant Sutherland                  Masters               Blue       78


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