Round 5 – Ballindalloch

(November 18th)

Results for Round 5 of the Club Championship:

Name  Class Route Score Comment
Jordan Hayes N/EXP A Red 9  
Steven Moffat N/EXP A Red 47  
Stuart Crayk N/EXP A Red 56  
Mike Durdle Masters Blue 17  
Allen Cowie Masters Blue 59 dont count
Grant Coward Masters Blue 64 dont count
John Garth Masters Blue 103  
MikeLumsden N/EXP B Green 41  
Brian Mackay N /EXP B Green 42  
Steven Jameson N/EXP B Green 63  
David Maclean O/40 Green 17  
James Mcdougall O/40 Green 25  
Jimmy Jenkins O/50 Green 48  
Nigel Roberson O/50 Green 56  
Stewart Anderson O/50 Green 90  
Tom mcbride O/50 Green RTD  
David Craig Nov B Green 34  
David Harrison Nov B Green 38  
Neil Crawford Nov B Green 51  
Chris Trafford Nov B Green 56  
David Alexander Nov B Green 61  
Colin Martin Nov B Green 65  
Alick Murray Nov B Green 80  
Taylor Mair Nov B Green 96  
Ewan Whyte Nov C Yellow 20  
Brian Trafford Nov C Yellow 22 dont count
Rhys Anderson Nov C Yellow 42 dont count
Nick Trafford Nov C Yellow 44  
Angus Mackay Nov C Yellow 90  
Sammy Roberson Nov C Yellow RTD  
Mac Allan youth B Green 48  
Fraser Mcdougall youth B Green 85  
Gillie Murray youth C Yellow 27  
Tom Fletcher TW/Sh Yellow 34  
Dereck Ashcroft TW/Sh Yellow 60  
Archie Bremner Elect R Red 32  
Calum Mackay Elect R Red 80  
Oliver Wilson Elect Gr Green 46  
Hayley Ross Elect Gr Green 61  
Robbie Ross Elect Gr Green RTD  
Chloe Mackay Elect Ye Yellow 69  
Findlay Lound Elect Ye Yellow 89  
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