Entry List – Paul Kilbauskas Trial 2018

Sunday, 23rd September at Alvie Estate, Kincraig by kind permission of Laird Jamie Williamson and staff of Alvie Estates Ltd.

Here is the list of entrants for the 11th Paul Kilbauskas Memorial Trial 2018:

Matthew Giblin
Andrew Rose
Daniel Ruscoe
Billy Matthews
Trevor Gibb
Paul Paterson Snr
Paul Paterson Jnr
Alick Murray
Gillie Murray
Allan Leslie
Keith Leslie
Neil Wilson
Ali Morrison
Gavin Cairns
Ross Galloway
Jamie Galloway
Gregor Winter
Bill Ross
Duncan McIntosh
Neil Dawson
Joe Dawson
David Hollands
Douglas Cunningham
Iain Duffus
Brian Morrison
Angus MacKay
Sean Clark
Jimmy Jenkins
Jamie Simpson
Sophie Simpson
Gordon Murray
Richard Younie
Ruari Younie
Grant Younie
Steven Moffat
Euan Sim
Alan Crayk
Aaron Hain
John Garth
Ricky Mair
Chloe MacKay
Callum MacKay
Neil McKechnie
Alan MacDonald
Mac Allan
Taylor Mair
Roger Summers
Allan Mercer
Brian Dellory
Malcolm Summers
Allan-Iain MacMaster
Derek Ramsay
George Noble
Brogan Bursill
Joe Drysdale
Fraser McDougall
Shaun Knox
Graeme Wilson
Dan Bruce
David McPherson
Danny Sutherland
Grant Sutherland
Hayley Ross
Robbie Ross
Lee Ross
Grant Reid
Stuart Gairns
Robert MacGillivray
Robbie Bremner
Archie Bremner
Harrie Reid
Charlie Reid
Alastair Millar
Allister Stewart
Lewis Byron
Brad Stein
Brett Stein
Fraser Whittaker
Graeme Whittaker
Ben Dignan
Grant Forbes
George Gage
Andrew Anderson
Oliver Dowling
Brodie Milne & Myrn Reynolds

And our Observers, many thanks:

Fiona ‘Fids’ Paterson
Donna Cairns 
Mattie Reffin
Richard Lound
Erin MacKay
Jamie McFarlane
Steve Jamieson
Liz Allan
Jim Mair
Dicky Mackintosh
Mike Lumsden
Nick Trafford
David Edes
Ally Morrice
David Sutherland
Gavin Ross
+ Malcolm Smith, President (Traveling Marshal)

IDMCC Revamp

Following discussions at recent committee meetings, we have decided to update the club website in the hope that it will attract more traffic and give more meaningful information to club members and those who ride in our events.

New features will be added over the coming weeks including information which will detail where our events are held, information on club and national events and easier to read results from closed to club, open to Scotland and national trials that we organize.

New photos have been sourced to create a more up to date feel for the website.

We will still have our Facebook pages for the club and our major events, being the Highland Classic and Paul Kilbauskas trials.