Schreiber Experience for IDMCC

On Monday 10th June, 2019 the Inverness & District MCC will host the launch of the ‘Schreiber Experience’ at Alvie Estate.

Organised by 1979 World Trials Champion, Bernie Schreiber who rode factory Bultaco; Italjet; SWM and Yamaha, this will be a day to remember for the lucky 25 participants. Places are limited.

Bernie Schreiber was 1979 World Trials Champion on Bultaco and won the 1982 SSDT on SWM machinery – Photo: Giulio Mauri / Fontsere images

It is a unique opportunity to be trained and coached by a former world champion. It is designed for adult riders who have an interest in classic trials, but many of the techniques can double for riding modern machines.

The experience will be run under an SACU training permit and will include a classroom session during the day with participants lunch, a specially designed event pit cap souvenir, finishing certificate and instruction booklet to remind you of this very special day at Alvie.

Alvie Estate is the perfect venue and the Schreiber Experience compliments the weekend sport following on from the Highland Classic 2 Day Trial – SWM Edition on the Saturday & Sunday. It is anticipated that many of the lucky 25 participants will stay over an extra day following the trial.

Promoted under his recently launched ‘ZER(O)BS’ brand, Bernie will be very much ‘hands on’ with the training and will be assisted by SACU coach, Allister Stewart and ACU trainer, Richard Allen.

This is a unique and exclusive opportunity to enhance fundamental trials skills and create a blueprint for your improvement as a competitor.

Make contact with the IDMCC secretary by e-mail to note your interest on:

IDMCC go digital banking

With immediate effect, the club’s bank account is now digital which means that we can pay our invoices electronically and without having to post cheques to suppliers when we buy items or supplies for the club or the events we promote.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that we can take payments for club events or for national events as that would require credit facilities through a provider, but it does mean that we can pay for things faster than previously and reduce postage costs and admin time etc.

Club membership will continue to be collected by cheque/postal order or cash, unless by prior agreement in which case we can accept a bank transfer with a suitable reference followed up by a membership application form being sent to the club Secretary.

John Moffat – IDMCC Company Secretary

Intro To Trials day success again for IDMCC

Photos courtesy: Highland Leisure Sport

In association with northern trials dealers, Highland Leisure Sport, Invergordon, the Inverness & District organized their annual Introduction To Trials day at Tain on Sunday 30th December, 2018.

It was voted another great success with 86 participants which included a number of new riders who came along to sample our sport.

The club in 2018 had 194 members and we are already standing at 92 on 3rd January and the season hasn’t even begun.

The organizing committee decided at the AGM in December to save the proceeds of the Intro Day for charity, and this year the beneficiaries will be the ‘Highland Hospice’ in Inverness.

A bucket was made available to collect donations on the day, but the club will pay the necessary event insurance fees to the SACU and the sum payable to the charity will be around £1,000, a significant amount, being the entry fees from the practice day, plus the donations from the bucket collection. Thank you to all who donated on the day.

The practice day went down very well with dry weather and an opportunity to get out on the bike to blow off the Christmas cobwebs. Everyone enjoyed the day and the new entrants enjoyed sampling the sport which resulted in new memberships for the club. To all our new members, welcome to the IDMCC!

Many thanks to Garry Coward for organizing the venue to which the owner waived his usual fee in favour of a charitable donation. Also many thanks to our event secretary, Stewart Anderson who was busy collecting all the entry fees and also the membership renewals on the day.

Remember, if you have still to renew your membership to do so before the end of this month when the new SACU Trials Registration cards become valid for 2019. The rule is join the club first then complete the SACU card application. This is then sent direct to the SACU. A Trials Registration card is required by all riders in all club and national events. One Event licences will still be available at £6.00 per event, so it is still cheaper to get a proper card as it is only £12 for the year.

Membership subscriptions remain for 2019 at £15.00 for Adult riding members; £5.00 for Youths and £5.00 for social non-riding members.

Membership forms are available on the Club forms page. HERE

Club Trial Scores

Any rider taking part in our monthly Club trials who would like their score recorded/tabulated, please make sure that you count up your own score and write it on your card when you hand it in at the end of the event.

This applies only to club trials and not the championship rounds which are of course properly observed.

Stewart Anderson will then compile a spreadsheet of the scores after the trial and it will be put on this website as soon as possible after the event.


SACU Festive Season Closure

Members and prospective members please note that the Scottish ACU offices at Uphall which issues all the competition licences and trials registration cards will close at 4.30 pm on Friday 21st December 2018 and will not re-open until Monday 7th January 2019.

Trials Registration Cards are valid until 31st January annually, if you do not possess a current 2018 card and wish to ride at the ‘Intro To Trials’ practice day at Tain on 30th December, you must complete and obtain a One Event Licence from the secretary of the meeting. This is necessary for insurance purposes.

The fee for the ‘Intro To Trials’ day is £15.00 inclusive of entry fee and if necessary the OEL which is £6.00. This is a good deal for new members.

Club membership forms can be obtained from this website prior to the event and can be handed over with the 2019 membership fee on the day. This will start your 2019 membership.

In the meantime, the committee and directors of Inverness & District Motor Cycle Club Ltd wish all members new and existing, the compliments of the season, have a safe and fun 2019 season with IDMCC, Scotland’s Trials driving force in the North of Scotland.

2019 Dates announced!

The IDMCC have now released their programme of events for 2019.

Following a successful SACU dates meeting at Crieff Hydro Hotel on 8th December, the club are now able to publish the approved dates of events for the 2019 season.

The main events are the Highland Classic on 8/9 June, (Adult only, twinshock/Pre’65)

The Durness Two Day on 17/18th August (Open to Scotland)

12th Paul Kilbauskas Memorial Trial on 8th September (Scottish Championship all classes)

There are a couple of new style events for club riders and with only one exception all our club events will be Open To Scotland* permits in 2019. This means that members of other clubs may enter our ‘club’ events in 2019 where permitted. The Lochaber and Bon Accord clubs have also provided this facility in 2019.

(*) At Open To Scotland events, please be aware that only ‘bona fide’ IDMCC club members can score IDMCC Championship points. Members must have a current year membership and have their valid SACU Trials Registration Card issued through the IDMCC.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”IDMCC Calendar 2019 – V1.1″]

25 years ago!

From a set of minutes recently discovered!

On 12th December 1993, the IDMCC held it’s Annual General Meeting at Cawdor Tavern, following on from a very icy trial at Drynachan. which attracted 14 of the 34 members we had at that time. This year we have 194 members!

The club membership fees for 199 were held at £12 and £5 for youth and social members (2018 was £15 and £5).

During the year, club trials attracted around 17 riders per event of which there were 13 that season.

The secretary pointed out that we needed 19 riders at Alvie to break even as we paid £1.25 per rider to the Estate!

The bank account in 1993 stood at £800.00 (the 2018 figure is much more than that!)

Ewan MacPherson was appointed Chairman, but declined in favour of Johnny Macintosh. John MacLennan was again voted in as Secretary, but wanted a break so Willie MacMillan stepped up to take the job.

Dave MacKay became Treasurer and Ian Grant was Press Officer. Malcolm Smith became Trials Convenor.

The committee consisted of: Ewan MacPherson. Gavin Johnston, Alan Gordon, Keith MacIntosh, Gary Kennedy and Dave Kennedy.

Malcolm Smith suggested the creation of a Pre’65 National Trial to be held at Alvie (this is now our Paul Kilbauskas Memorial national trial).

John MacLennan clarified that SACU permit A & B routes in Scottish Championship rounds. If the club were to implement split routes, then riders will require A & B plates fixed to the front of their bikes for the benefit of observers. The committee were to consider the implications more fully.

Our final event of 2018 – Intro To Trials

Our final event of the 2018 season will be at the Tain venue on Sunday 30th December. It is not a competition, it is being held under a practice permit. We are running this in association with local trials dealers, Highland Leisure Sport, Invergordon.

This is the one event in the year that is aimed at the beginner and anyone new to trials sport.

Entry fee will be £15.00 which includes day membership only and insurance provided by a one event licence if you don’t have a valid 2018 SACU Trials Registration Card.

You can also join the club for 2019 at this event.

Bring a friend along to see what trials is all about. This is certainly not a championship type event, this is true grass roots trials at club level to get you interested and started in the sport.

The event is run under an SACU permit (Practice).

We hold this event every year and is enjoyed by everyone who comes along.

Directions to the Tain venue HERE