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Memberships are now due. Application forms were sent to all members. Forms are also available to download and print from the forms page.

IMPORTANT – From January 1st 2017, following the 2016 AGM, it was agreed that Trial Entry fees would be £15 Adult (an increase of £3) and £5 Youth (a reduction of £2)


The AGM was held on Monday 5th December at Fairways with a lowly turnout of 19 members. Apologies were received from 3 members. The Chairman presented his report thanking the Committee and club members for their support throughout the year. He also thanked Tom McBride and the observers for a successful Club Championship, Stewart Anderson for his continued commitment to the Juniors, Helen and Anne for the catering at the Highland Classic, Geoff Davison for the use of Fairburn, Colin Forbes and Dave Hollands for the new ground at Ballindalloch, Jason Mackinnon, Scott Macloed, Graeme Matheson and Greg Matheson for the new ground at Foyers, James Keith and his helpers for organising a new Two Day event in the Durness area and Garry Coward for his ongoing support for the Club and his organising of the “Introduction to Trials Day” held at Tain. This will become an annual event and for 2016 will be held on January 3rd. The Secretary/Treasurer presented his report with funds again increasing slightly. Club membership remained stable, although less Club Trials were held due to poor weather, entries were stable. The increase was again due to the very successful National Trials, particularly the Highland Classic Two Day. This was again, a spectacular event with glorious weather, a full entry and Mick Andrews as Guest of Honour.
The Account Statement was discussed and was approved as correct.  Proposals and voting then took place for Club Officials due for re-election.

Chairman : Malcolm Smith (also a Director) (Re elected for 2 Years until 2017)

Secretary/Treasurer: John Moffat (Company Secretary) (Elected for 3 years until 2019)

Directors : Alex Carmichael, Tom McBride, Dave Mackay (Elected for 2 years until 2018)

Competition Secretary: Richard Lound

Committee : Stewart Anderson, Garry Coward, Grant Coward, Gordon Murray, Geoffrey Davison and Susan Carmichael.

Discussions took place on the under noted subjects.

Club Secretary/Treasurer – As Dave Mackay retired from the post, and as discussed at the 2015 AGM, John Moffat was elected as the Treasurer/Company Secretary, John was also willing to take on the post of General Secretary and was duly elected. The Club Website was also required to be looked after and updated, Dave Mackay volunteered to carry on this as per previously.

As mentioned above and after 28 years of service, Dave Mackay retired from the post of Secretary/Treasurer and Company Secretary. He was thanked by the membership for his efforts and presented with a beautifully engraved Quiach by Malcolm Smith. He was also accorded Honourary Life Membership. 

As the Club is on a sound financial footing, it was agreed that Club Membership fees would remain as they are but Trial Entry fees would increase slightly, Adults will increase by £3 to £15 and Youths would be REDUCED by £2 to £5.

All Trials : It was agreed at the 2010 AGM, and again discussed this year, that at each trial, volunteers would be sought to mark out the next event. This will consist of one experienced member and 2 or 3 “newcomers”. PLEASE NOTE THAT ANYONE MARKING OUT A TRIAL IS ENTITLED TO A FREE ENTRY. This format is still working well.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.50.



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